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Bryan Bartlett

Biography Edit

Bryan Bartlett (Uncle Bryan) is Henry's uncle and Jasper's father. He is the dean at Smithson High School. He's always caught off guard by Henry's skills however he welcomes it if it is done in good faith in situations. He is played by Martin Donovan.


Bryan Bartlett is a strict and smart man as well as the dean of Smithson High School. He cares deeply for his son, Jasper and always wants the best for him. He cares for Henry as well but sometimes is caught off guard by his skills. Overall Bryan Bartlett is a well-minded man who cares both for his son, Jasper and nephew, Henry.


  • He is the brother of Henry's mother.
  • He is a single father.
  • Occasionly leaves's Henry and Jasper alone when he leaves on business.