Edge of Danger is a Cartoon Network online game based on the Cartoon Network T.V. series "Unnatural History." It is based and expands on the sequence when Henry escapes the thugs from the first episode,
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Note: This is taken from the game at Cartoon

Henry has recovered a stolen artifact from a gang of thugs. Race back to the museum before anyone finds out it went missing. SPACE-Jump, Right-Click-Aim/Attack


Players control Henry running through Washington D.C. (on rails) while avoiding obstacles on the way and thugs trying to attack Henry. Players start with a 15:00 time-limit to get back to the museum. Players are scored by how long they were running, avoiding obstacles, and how many thugs they defeated. Thugs run, jump and, shoot bullets right at Henry while Henry, using a long stick power-up to defeat the thugs. Players aim with the mouse and attack by right-clicking on the mouse. Players have an energy bar which acts as their "health." If thugs attack Henry it will decrease. However there are health power-ups to restore Henry's health. However if players do not get to level 10 within the time-limit they will fail, as Uncle Bryan will know the artifact went missing.


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