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Maggie Winnock


Maggie is not a very easy person to read. She is tough and incredibly smart. She has a photographic memory. She has no sense of humor whatsoever. She tends to have "two left feet and two left hands" when nervous. It is shown that she that she cares deeply for both Henry and Jasper.


Margaret "Maggie" Winnock is Henry and Jasper's friend. She is very intelligent and a dedicated student. She does not have a sense of humor and if she did, there would be little that she would laugh at. When she is not at school she is working at the National Museum Complex. She usually gives Henry and Jasper backstory when solving a mystery.

Maggie is the brains of the group. Henry may know urban legends and Jasper may be smart, but Maggie can outwit them both. She said at the end of Sleeper in a Box that she already had scored a 2300 on the SAT... twice.

She is played by Italia Ricci.


  • She is a vegetarian.
  • It is hinted that she might like Henry.
  • Jasper has known her ever since they were ten.
  • It is hinted that she might like Jasper.
  • She has trouble walking in high heels.
  • She rarely wears nail polish, not even to social events.
  • Admitted that she cannot dance because she has two left feet.
  • Her father is in the Air Force.